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My node is running great except for one thing - I can access it with DVSwitch on my local IP (192.168 IP), but I cannot access it from my public IP address. Is there a way I can connect to my node at home if I’m away from my local network?

Your remote/WAN device needs to know where to reach your node as well as have access to ports needed. Many people use a DDNS service which ties a static domain name to your possibly dynamic (changes) public ip address of your internet connection that serves the node (your home internet I assume). Then you need to forward the port that is configured in Allstar (4569 by default) to be directed to your node. In addition setting a static ip for your node on your LAN will also need to be done prior to setting the port forwarding.
Search these forums there is an abundance of info on these topics. Good luck and have fun!

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Thank you for that information, I wasn’t sure if I needed port forwarding or not. Is there anything I need to configure on the Raspberry Pi side of things, such as in the iax stanzas? I do have 4569 set as my node port as well.

EDIT: I did find this on the myGMRS page too. DVSwitch Mobile Outside Home Network - Technical Discussion - Forums

You are welcome. Yes you need to config the credentials DVSwitch will use to connect. In the iax.conf there is a stanza that mentions Zoiper in the comments- the “type” is “friend” instead of “iaxrpt” and you need to use that stanza for DVSwitch- I don’t know why/how it works that way. You are on the right track. I don’t know all the details off the top of my head. Also the port of 4589 is arbitrary as I understand it and some users with certain ISP chose different higher number ports to resolve issues they ran into connecting.

Thank you. I’ll need to call my ISP sometime next week because the router won’t let me log on to it’s config page.

Nevermind, got it to work! Just did a quick 15-second reset and reconfig!

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