Remote access of Supermon from outside LAN

Besides using the htttp:// (or whatever port you choose) I’ve been told you can access the node remotely using something like IRLP does with their web address. I cannot find a reference to this in the supermon setup instructions.

Is anyone accessing their node in this manner? If so, how is it done?

I know nothing of supermon but,
Assuming you are using port 8081 for local http,
You can port forward a port to the ip of the webhost.
In most routers, it does not have to be the same port.

Say we take port 8090 and forward that traffic to local ip port 8081 (web server ip/port)

You would work/browse your external ip and would be forwarded to that local webserver on the correct port based on your port forward config in the router.

The port could be the same, but I’m showing it different for example.
I make them different for security of popular ports. A hack does not immediately know what they stumble on open and likely not what they are looking for.
Hacks would know what 80 81 8080 8081 8180 8181 are likely used for if they are looking to penetrate www server. Not that it is an issue for you to worry about. Perhaps that info will serve you down the road.
Not necessary but explained for better understanding.
This method can be used if you have more than one webserver behind your NAT. Add a port fwd to it.

I found the solution to my problems:

1 - Besides updating the Manager.conf file to show my port for remote access, I also had to update the “Virtual Host” to the proper port as well in the 000-default.conf file

2 - To access the node remotely without knowing the public IP, you can browse to:
xxxxx = your all star node number and yy=your specific port number used for remote access

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