Recording your QSO's as an MP3 file

I have put together a <15 minute tutorial on everything needed to record the QSO’s on your Allstar node, move them to an internet accessible web folder and convert them from large .WAV files (the compression used is not all that bad really) into manageable .MP3 files that will play back simply through your browser.

YouTube link:

The process requires the installation of 4 packages.

  1. Apache2 (most likely have this installed already)
  2. rsync (very small, lightweight and reliable)
  3. ffmpeg to convert the audio
  4. lame encoder to convert to mp3 codec

Installation and configuration of everything is demonstrated in the YouTube tutorial video. If you don’t want to type out the bash script it can be downloaded here:

The software mentioned above will still need installed as per video instructions. Quick overview is here:

sudo -s
apt update
apt-get install apache2
apt-get install rsync
apt-get install ffmpeg
apt-get install lame
mkdir /var/www/html/library

Enjoy and if you have any questions, please post them here on the official Allstar Community forum as I don’t follow all the mail lists closely enough.