Radioless Node no transmit audio from mic

I am building a radioless node using the RL-20 interface, Ras pi 3, Alinco mic. I have it wired as follows: From mic to interface: Pin 1( mic) is going to pin 6 on interface, Pin 2 (PTT) to pin 3 COS on interface. 3&4 not used. Pin 5 (+5v) going to pin 9 on interface. I jumped the wire on the board as instructed to get the power to that pin. Pins 7&8 are going to ground Pin 8 on the interface. I have tested and the +v is making it to the mic.

The problem is I have no audio from the mic. I connected the node to another one of my nodes for testing. It connects fine and I have good receive audio. I just have no transmit audio. I have tried three different microphones. This is probably going to be something simple but I can’t figure it out. Someone has had to have built one of these as I see a few on the net but with little instructions.
To clarify, because I have seen this before, This is not a HUB node. It is a pi with interface and a microphone. No radio involved.

Please show your usbradio.conf or simpleusb.conf and your stanza for the node from rpt.conf

But the best way to test is to make a connection other than from the mic to check output and know everything in the general software is OK. Then you can check hardware settings and connections and the actual rl20 hardware.

The easiest way to do that is by using iaxrpt (windoes pgm) for a soft iax connection from the outside.