R1-2023 Not Transmitting to HT RT-85

I have a new R1-2023 audio board between a Dell Wyse 3040 and a pair of Retevis RT-85 HTs. When I transmit from another HT the audio is received OK by the RX HT and is heard in iaxrpt running on my home computer. It sounds good. Also while I am transmitting, the RED light on the R1-2023 is ON indicating that it is also transmitting to the TX HT, but the TX HT is not lighting up, and nothing is heard on that frequency from another HT. I am attempting to create the ANF101 full-duplex node that NR9V created. Any help in how to troubleshoot this TX issue would be appreciated. It is currently using USBRadio. Thanks de KR5EEE.

I would think the first step is to check your logic on the ptt line.
First know what is the correct logic. Most ptt’s float and switch to ground when active.
Then see what the line s line doing.
You may need to invert the ptt logic in simpleusb/usbradio .conf.

Past that, be sure you are using the correct ‘duplexmode=’