Questions regarding remote linking on Allstar

i have the basic understanding of Allstar and i need some help on selecting equipment and use.
I own and built 3 repeaters, 2 Ham, & 1 GMRS in our small community of users.

I have a desire to make our 440 Repeater connected to Allstar, but unfortunately the site i am occupying with the Kenwood TKR-851 repeater is void of internet connectivity.
I was under the impression that i could use a simplex radio with a Allstar type Hotspot maybe from my residence on a dedicated UHF radio , and users could use this base station to connect to a Allstar interface.

I have a RPi 3 , but im not sure what connection device i need to be able to install to a radio and have the ability for someone to come up on the repeater and access the Allstar Node at my home remotely .

Ive been told that that incould get the Repeater builder Model RIM Lite module to hook up to my Alinco UHF radio or TAIT TM-9155 mobile and a RPi 3 and be able to offer the abilty to remotely have a Allstar connection to the repeater.

I have a Crossband Repeater i just completed from 2 Meter’s that goes to the UHF repeater remotely , and maybe the thats the path i need to use…

Bottom line i need a suggestion how I can get an Allstar Node remotely connected to the Repeater via whatever RF path and make it accsessable from the UHF repeater.

Also need to know what would be the best Model device to Buy to use with my RPi 3.

Also the best source to download the latest software profile to the Raspberry Pi for this application.

Any help is appreciated…
Christopher Cox

While I am not sure if I fully understand exactly…
Mainly in vague use of the term link.
For there is a difference in a “LINK” of audio and “NODES” via ASL.

But basically, you can set-up your asl/asterisk system as a private node system and use it to/for control as remote base, and would be just a RF Remote base connection. And, provided the start of that link had internet, could include connected nodes public and private.

There is no way to do this via asterisk IAX without a data/network link, even without internet.
But with the internet, you can have connectivity to any like asterisk/iax target as well as our public network.

Hardware wise, outside of a Pi/PC sound FOBs or other UsbRadioIinterface (URI) and radios as needed

You can find all the software and more in the guide and wiki.

So i get the Allstar node that would be assigned to the RPi3 with whatever device i have .
Normally if wanted to have a node tied to areadio for my own use or a hotspot i can go on any repeater i want internet connection in my own home system

Repeaters also would have a drvice and a RPi3 hooked directly to it so from the repeater anyone. Can use it to link to some other system.

My problem is i dont have an internet connection i can use at the site where the repeater is…

What im looking for is a way to have users connect to the repeater via a remote location from a remote radio they can access and use the Allstar if it was at the site…im.less that a mile from the site and the repeater is strong in the area i live…

Ive been told i can do a link on Allstar from a remote base…i just need to know can it be done and what do i need???

I could do it with a Ubiquity point to point WiFi and a Router and the parts are all over the counter stuff and in-expensive…

Just would rather do it remotely over a base or remote radio

Just use a remote radio where you have internet access and tune the radio to the repeater frequency.

Les Keegan


I think I am working towards a similar project – in my case, I want to join in with some guys on our club’s 2m or 440 analog fm repeater, but I want my ham radio to be physically located in an outbuilding that is about 200 feet away from my home office. I am looking into allstar as a means of doing this. While it is probably not the best radio, I am using an alinco dr-735t in tnc mode with its mini din6 cable connected to a DRA-50 which is essentially an external usb soundcard plugged into a pc running ASL 2.0 beta 6. I have tested droidstar and dvswitch mobile android apps and the iaxrpt windows app so far.

Then you are left with making a RF Remote Base link (with radio’s) to a site within reach of that site that has internet or not depending on if you want to have the capability to suft the node network of stations.

The software will run without internet, but you don’t get the functions provided by it.
Remote base radios are not internet, but normal RF linking as it was always done, just controlled by the software…