Question on Dual PL

I need to transition our repeater to a new PL. I have ’ txctssdefault =141.3 ‘, ’ rxctcssfreqs=141.3,151.4’, and ’ txctcssfreqs=141,3,151,4 '. The repeater outputs whatever tone it hears, seems to work fine. Do I need the ’ txctcssdefault ’ line? What does it do? Also, I’m guessing if I only specify one ’ txctcssfreq ', it will always transmit that tone.

I didn’t know AllStar would decode dual PL tones. I also didn’t know AllStar would generate the tone it hears. I kinda doubt it’s doing either. :man_shrugging:

I’ve never found AllStar (USBradio) very good at PL decode so I always have the repeater do it.

Do you have the AllStar PL filter on? Maybe you repeater is passing the tones via the audio path.

AllStar does PL rather well! The parameters are in ’ usbradio.conf ’ as I stated above. I did find that adjacent PL tones may at times be decoded. Seems the digital PL window is a bit wide. Other than that, I’ve been using it for many years. You can specify more than 1 tone as well. It then matches the transmitted to to the received tone. If you search ’ PL tone ’ there is another post on this topic about one tone being repeater only and the other for connected nodes, but it’s not not very clear to me.

Upon further experimentation, I must correct my initial post. With the parameters stated, and rxctcssoverride=0, the repeater ALWAYS transmits the ’ txctcssdefault= ’ tone, regardless of the rx tone.