Question about Allmon2 install on Raspberry 3

In the Allmon2 Install from the AllStarLink Wiki, I get to the line “repeater@repeater:~$ htpasswd -cB .htpasswd admin” I get the following:
" -bash htpasswd: command not found "
What do I need to do to make this work?
Dave N

Try it as root. Do sudo su - and run the htpasswd command again.

Thanks for the reply.
I tried it and got the following:
-su htpasswd command not found

I have had same problem with Allmon2. What I do is type the command in with user name and I repeat do not copy & paste. It works for me maybe for you also 73 Don N0EBB

Hello Don. I did a google search for ‘htpasswd’ and found some info saying it should be located in /var/www/ but I did not find anything installed there. These were both Raspian installs using image ASL_1.01-20180228-armhf=raspian-stretch-img , and were both updated and upgraded. So I guess the file is either in a different directory, or else perhaps Allmon2 isn’t something one would want to run on a Raspberry Pi installation.
Dave n

There are two htpasswd files, the executable htpasswd and the hidden config file .htpasswd (note the leading dot). You use hatpasswd to create .htpasswd per the Allmon2 README.

I thought htpasswd was installed as part of the Apache2 install but maybe not. Try install it with sudo apt-get install apache2-utils.

Thanks! I ran sudo htpasswd -cB .htpasswd admin , and ’ new password:’ appeared. I entered, then re-entered a new password, then ran
sudo chmod 777 astdb.php That seemed to work, so I then tried http: Got the response ‘This site can’t be reached’ ‘ refused to connect’ Maybe I can’t do this while connected with ssh.
I’ll try some more.
Dave N

That error is not related to htpasswd. Without ,htpasswd your Allmon site will work, you just won’t be able to make connections, etc without a login.

Sounds like Apache is not running or firewall is blocking. Which distro are you running, HamVoIP?

No, I was told by another ASL admin to avoid HamVoIP. This is a recent install from this site.

ASL Version: x
x Asterisk GIT Version adaec47 built by root @ odroidxu4 on a armv7l x
x running Linux on 2018-03-07 14:53:41 UTC x

I have no idea what that version is about. Maybe someone can jump in here and help with that one?

Maybe try to grab another SD card and try this image.