puTTy freeze and timeout

I got through the initial setup and went to reboot. Now it is a blank screen no sign-on prompt and session times out. Any fixes for this

Putty will drop the connection on reboot. Did you try making another Putty connection? My other thought is that perhaps the IP address changed. Can you see the node’s IP with one of the many IP scanners or in your router’s list of connections? Will that IP ping?

ip address changed but still nothing
with new address

A timeout usually just means it’s probably not able to reach the machine itself. Check your router and see if it’s showing up in the DHCP clients list. Otherwise hook a keyboard/monitor up to it and try that directly.

If you start this process over again, make sure you run ifconfig and make a note of the MAC address of the network card (wired and/or wireless).

While it’s best to set a static IP for servers, even if you rely on DHCP (with a reservation so the IP is only handed out to the same device), having the MAC address will allow you to tell which IP address was assigned to a device’s network interface.

SSH should just be port 22, but some distributions that contain Allstar (I.e. Hamvoip) use port 222 instead. That’s security through obscurity (isn’t really security) but I digress. LOL

If you’re using a different distro outside of ASL, make sure you look at their documentation to see if they’re using a non-standard port.

Good luck!