Public IP, Use on starlink or mobile hotspot

I am wondering if Allstar requires a static public IP. When I had IRLP I had to use a VPN due to being rural and starlink or cellular being our only provider and they do not assign a static public IP. Would Allstar have the same issues?


Same requirement for AllStar (if you want to have people be able to connect in to your node). If you dont care about opening your node up to outside connections, then you can use it as is. I have starlink here and it works great for outbound connections.

Jim, K6JWN

Thanks for the info. The only thing I liked about IRLP was they provided a free vpn for irlp use. The problem was I used it so infrequently that every time I booted it up something was off with the VPN and had to get a new file sent to me. That’s why I finally pulled the board off my PI and was hoping to sell it, just to annoying. I heard allstar didn’t have the same limitations but didn’t know any of the facts. I admit I’m a linux and VPN moron unless I have step by step directions. I know its a pretty easy process but like i said need pretty specific directions and cant seem to find anything for VPN and allstar that’s recent.

AllStar doesn’t have a VPN service like IRLP does. If you want to set something up, you will need to find a VPN provider and then set things up based on their instructions. Or, if you are feeling up to it, you can probably find some how-to’s out there for setting up your own VPN service.

Jim, K6JWN

I’ve been using ZeroTier of late. If you have only a few clients it’s free.

I’m interested in this also. I’m looking to make some private nodes that are linked during an event for coverage (using starlink at the remote sites).

In reading I came across this article where it said “It will also offer a secure private node DNS which is sorely needed. It is a real pain to setup IP addresses in a larger private system and this will alleviate that. Talking about security there will be a much higher level of that then the nil amount in the current system.”

Did that DNS ever get setup? Rather than going the VPN route is it possible to setup a local / personal DNS serer similar to how the allstar public system is setup? Has anyone done that before?

WD6AWP, Do you happen to have directions handy which I could use to configure/setup?

Directions are on the ZeroTier website. But let me know if you have specific questions.