Proper code for crontab

I’ve done a new install of the ASL-Beta 2, wanting and trying to get the asl to ID every thirty minutes or on the hour but I’m not having any luck.

I entered the following within crontab "00 0-23 * * * (source /usr/local/etc/allstar.env ; /usr/bin/nic -19 /usr/bin/perl /usr/local/sbin/ $NODE1 > /dev/null)

but I think I may be mixing hamvoip coding with asl…

Could one advise where I set the ID to be active with CW, and the proper entry for crontab so that I could get this repeater to ID every thirty minutes, please?

William, KI5PHN

That is the hourly node time cron
if you want to do a cron for every 30 min it will be something like this

30 * * * *  asterisk -r -x "rpt localplay NODE NUMBER HERE recording to play without extension

at least that’s how I have mine done and it works.

Forgot to mention my cron tab works because my sound file in in the folder /var/lib/asterisk/sounds
If the sound is in another folder then you will have to adjust the cron tab to point where the file is.

William, can you say that you are adjusting or wanting to adjust the OS crontab or
the asl system scheduler ?

There is a difference but they are similar.
But commanding has a different perspective.

The perl file is already executable, and good on ya for sourcing the environment first. I assume you simply misspelled “nice”, but it’s not a cpu-intensive perl script, so it’s not at all necessary, nor is it necessary to use parentheses to invoke a subshell. There is no textual output from either or, so simply put:

0,30 * * * * source /usr/local/etc/allstar.env; /usr/local/sbin/ $NODE1

You can be even more efficient by manually entering your node number (assume node #12345):

0,30 * * * * /usr/local/sbin/ 12345

You may wish to slightly stagger the times, e.g.:
29,59 …

Also, for CW ID, uncomment the apprpriate “idrecording=” line in /etc/asterisk/rpt.conf

Thank you dwarnok for the info. I will try the "0,30 * * * * /usr/local/sbin/ 12345’ and go from there.

I do appreciate all the input.

William, KI5PHN