Private Node to SIP Extension, permanent link

I’m hoping the community can help out an ASL noobie over here!

What I’m trying to accomplish is have ASL automatically (perm) patch from a Private node (1900) to a SIP extension that I’ve created (1800). I’d like when the 1800 extension registers with ASL for it to connect, without having to dial the 1900 private node number.

This will bridge the audio from ASL into an ACU JPS | ACU-Z1 Modular Radio Interoperability Gateway to be used with other physical radios in the public safety realm for a disaster scenario.

There are likely multiple ways to achieve this.
Without trying to go into intricate scripting, you may get best result by making the 1800 extension a ‘TRUNK’ where it would register, and you have some control at that point for connection.
For this you should google standard asterisk stuff.
However, I would understand that may also be much for a noob no matter the method.
Asterisk is a very flexible and powerful chunk of software.

One more of likely many ways to do this would be making use of ‘on event programming’ to see if extension 1800 is present and execute a connection to 1900. The problem with this is one is designated as a ‘PHONE’ not a RADIO and would not be seen in app_rpt for on event, but I might be wrong about that. But 1800 would be a phone and not a node. You would have to try it I guess.

Basically, you have to fudge something to do what you want. A external script that would work is not something we can teach a noob in a forum help page. I can only give you a few leads to follow if you really want it. There is very little you can’t do with this software, but it is a matter of how much work you want to do to make it work the way you want.
Perhaps return to the issue when you have leaned a bit more about the software workings.

Thanks Mike. I guess we will go with the soundcard route and I’ll script the connection of different nodes.