Private Node and Connecting 3 Nodes

I’m new to the AllStar Link Community and I’d image this question has already been answered. I just haven’t been able to find it when searching the forum.

Three of us would like to setup 3 separate nodes in our homes which then stay connected to each other constantly. Then, using our portable radios, we envision being able to transmit to both of the other two’s homes using low power. I found this – ClearNode Pi 4B 2GB – UHF or VHF – Store – Node-Ventures – which I think would do that.

Is this possible with AllStar Link? Is it possible with 3 private nodes at each of our homes in different parts of the country?



Welcome aboard !

Linking 3 private nodes is easily possible.
I had recently updated the wiki to reflect that which you are trying to do.

Read the whole thing and pay attention to the part of describing private nodes on other servers.