Prevent Node Updates on Private Server

Hi I run a Private Server where everynight the ASTDB file gets overwritten.

I have made the Privatenodes.txt file but is there any other thing I need to do to prevent the file being overwritten ?




Well, I take it you mean for allmon purposes.

The astdb file just collects the latest info from allstarlink.
And yes it updates at a time based on your setting in cron or other.

Privatenodes.txt is updated (read) at that time if there are any changes ‘you made’ since the last update.
It does not change anything on its own.
If there are no changes in the file, then nothing changes in the output.

It is re-read whenever the update command is executed. But the file is the same as you make it.
It does not write the file in any way.

Hope that helps?