Post forwading and AT&T

I finally got AllStar installed,

HamVoIP Firmware - RPi2-3-4 Version 1.7-03

HamVOip AllStar - Asterik 1.4.23-pre-voip-V1.7.1-04

I can dial everything locally, and I get good tones, etc.

BUT I have AT&T and I’m having issues with their firewall/router, I think. I have port 4569 port forwarded to the RPI4

As per attached pic, I can dial out, but I never connect to said node.

Any other suggestions?

Hi Rod. I don’t see your attachment. I had a similar issue with an AT&T wireless hotspot from netgear. I was not able to get it resolved as there are too many NATs (network address translations) between your node and the outside world. Someone with better networking skills than I may be able to offer some suggestions similar to these from the hamvoip site

hope this helps - I never got around to trying it…

That’s weird. I know I attached it.

Thank you for replying. Seems what I did have setup is working. I was just attempting to dialing a node that was offline

well since you did have it working, what was the trick? was it a wireless AT&T or like a home connection? If you figured out the wireless NAT, I’d love to know.

wifi is dhcp, could not get a static IP for it.

Port forwardng , i used this as a template