Possible modification to allmon.inc.php file to display echolink node info?

Hi everyone,

Is it possible to edit this to have it query asterisk via “asterisk -rx” to lookup the Echolink station and display the stations callsign and info, instead of “Echolink” on the allmon2 webpage? Asterisk has the info, as I can login via asterisk -r and perform: “echolink dbget nodename 444444”, and it spits out the node number, callsign, and ip address of that echolink node. I’ve tried tweaking allmon.inc.php and end up breaking it every time. Still learning…

function getAstInfo($nodeNum, $node=array()) {
global $astdb;

’; print_r($nodeNum); print ‘
// Build info string
//if (array_key_exists($nodeNum, $astdb)) {
if (isset($astdb[$nodeNum])) {
    $dbNode = $astdb[$nodeNum];
    $info = $dbNode[1] . ' ' . $dbNode[2] . ' ' . $dbNode[3];
} elseif ($nodeNum > 3000000) {
    $info = "Echolink";
} elseif (!empty($node['ip'])) {
    if (strlen(trim($node['ip'])) > 3) {
        $info = '(' . $node['ip'] . ')';
    } else {
        $info = ' ';
} else {
    $info = ' ';

return $info;


Yeah, I can take a look at that when I get back from this trip. Php can shell out and return the response for parsing. See exec(). However, using asterisk -rx would only work when Allmon is installed on an AllStar node. Not everybody runs Allmon that way including me, so I never had that itch to scratch.

Hi Tim,

Just wondering if there is a simple tweak that can be modified in Allmon2 to display the Echolink users call sign instead of node number on the web dashboard. If logged into asterisk -r, one can observe Echolink stations connecting and seeing that their call sign and station info populating in asterisk. Just wondering how to get that info to show up in Allmon so net operators can see the call signs of who’s connected and not just a node number with no info other than “Echolink”.


There’s probably a way to get at that, maybe through the AMI. It’s been requested before. One of these days I’ll get off my butt and take a look at it.

Does Superman provide the required functionality here?

I moved from allmon2 to Superman to get display of EchoLink information.

Your mileage can and most probably will vary.

It does by default, but I believe you have to be connected to Echolink for it to work.