Port forwarding issue?

I can access the supermon dashboard no from anywhere in the internet on port 443, but I noticed two issues:

If I click on the button for the Connection log or any of those buttons that produce a pop up window, those windows come up but blank, also the table where the nodes status is supposed to show IDLE or any of those states, appears empty and with a message " Waiting…" could this be a port forwarding issue? if so which ports should I allow through the firewall?

UPDATE: I tested from within the same network using another PC on port 443 and same result the “Waiting…” message sits there forever so it is not a firewall issue it seems more a configuration issue on a file in the supermon folder, but no idea which one.

Thanks in advance
Alex N2IX

port 80 is the port to forward and for you command line to run supermon it should be
https://your node IP/supermon

Supermon has a help group located at groups.io… here is a link.