Port Forwarding 41936

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I have set up an Allstar Server on a Proxmox VM using the ASL beta hybrid iso. I do not have Allmon working yet but I want to get that working. I am using a RTCM Thin Client. There are no radios physically connected to the server.

When I allow All Ports open everything works fine but if I do port forwarding to only 667 amd 4569 it does not work. The radio connects to my local server but I can not dial out. so I am thinking I need more ports open…

If so, what ports do I need open for all of this to work, including Allmon2?

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The standard is port 4569 for ‘IAX’ which is what ASL interconnect work on.

As far as Allmon, you do not need a port for local machine view.
If you are trying to look at ASL data from it to some other asl node server, you will need to include the asterisk manager port forward to the ip of that machine in it’s translation.

So, I’m saying if machine A (at home) and contains the webserver which allmon is riding, want to include data from server B (a machine at work for instance), machine B will need to have the asterisk manager port forwarded to the correct machine IP.

Considering where the machine is that contains the ‘webserver’ that Allmon is running on,
if you wish to view outside your NAT, you will need to port forward some port (80) to the IP of that machine and to port 80 (web interface) if that is what you use.
Inside your NAT, you need nothing. You can specify that in the local address if needed…

Does that help ? I know this stuff can be confusing. There is a bit to take in.

I saw on another help forum information about “port forwarding” issues with the Dream Machine Pro, so i just forwarded port 4569 and all is well.

Do I need additional UDP ports forwarded if others want to connect to my server?


The IAX poort is the only port needed to be forwarded for ASL network connections.

But, just to give you a quicky on how the system works for nodes and the ASL system,
I am going to over explain a bit to help others down the line who stumble on this.

Your node registers in the ASL network where your IP and PORT are saved information.
This info of your system is broadcast to all registered nodes, along with everyone else’s.

When you attempt to connect to some other node, it looks in the broadcast list of registered nodes.
It uses the connect info you registered with in the list to make the connection directly from your node.
That is IP/PORT

So, the system becomes a bit of a security agent to limit access to only those who are registered may connect, and a map for connecting. So, even if a hacker were to try a connect to your IAX port, the only connections allowed are from those in the list to those in the list.
The list by the way, it in /var/lib/asterisk/rpt_extnodes

Managed this way, you only need the IAX port (4569 default) forwarded to your server for outside connections. Port forwarding is only a method to say what internal IP address is to receive a connection request when it comes from ‘outside your internal local network’ (WAN)

Hopefully, that long explanation will help you with more than the matter at hand.

Hello Mike:

Thank you…I have it working now with only the 1 port forwarded…