Playtime with weather - station ID

I have my weather announcements working with playtime but although sometimes the temp matches the station website, other times the difference suggests an incorrect station ID.
I’m calling
[root@microHUB system]# 061078 512811
67°F, 19°C / Mostly Clear

but as you can see he temp at the station is quite different matching the time… What am I doing wrong?

If I understand what I am looking at ???
I think the page refresh is 7min behind the record snapshot.

The recording at 12:03 will not show until the page is refreshed at 12:10
Just a guess. Perhaps I am backwards and it’s 3.

the temp from playtime should return the current station’s recorded temp of 16 degrees
It has returned 19 degrees
It is always wrong.
So my question is why does playtime with station ID 061078 not return the temp at station 061078?

There must be some kind of country code associated with the station ID lookup.
The temp here right now is 8 degrees and the playtime call returns 28 degrees

OK - fixed it by using the w-IWILLI33 wunderweather API - all good now