Having problems connecting back to my node via DVSwitch and cellular/wifi/VPN. Works on some networks but not others. Thinking a VPN on ASL node side may solve. Anyone set this up?


Lots of people have set up AllStar on a VPN and it works great. Instructions are at

Not so sure about DVSwitch. Maybe @N4IRS will wander by and answer this. Or maybe you could ask over on DVSwitch-AllStar@DVSwitch.groups.io | Messages

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Thank you!
For some reason it started working. My ISP may have made a change- not sure.

Problem was never resolved. I searched the entire install WIKI you linked but no mention of VPN only a section on making a persistent SSH tunnel. I found instructions to use the VPN service I have and got it working. I connected to same VPN server on both phone and ASL Pi but still did not work. In any event I will ask over on groups.io

Yea there’s nothing about VPNs on the Wiki, VM but not VPN.

I’ve been using ZeroTier and am super happy with it.

Thx. ZeroTier looks like a VPN type offering. How are you utilizing it?

I am using ZeroTier to network my repeater sites. I have ZeroTier running on routers at 2 sites and a RPi at the 3rd. My garage network, which is separate from the rest of the house, is tied in to the two other sites. ZeroTier allows my Windows, MacOS, and iOS devices access from anywhere on the internet.

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Thanks for the explanation!