Permanent connections to multiple nodes on startup

I’ve read the Wiki about this and get it but what I’m wondering about is I have 2 “satellite” nodes that I want perm connected to a “hub” node. As such, I need the startup Macro on the hub to call 2 different macros?

Under functions stanza:

999=ilink,13 ; Permanent link transceive

startup_macro=*999<1st node>*999<2nd node>#

Is that correct?

And I assume the code checks for an active connection to the nodes selected every so often and if not connected, it reconnects?

That’s correct. And Allmon will show the node(s) with an orange background when a connection is in progress.

Hmmm…only the 1st node connects

add a space between startup_macro commands

Perfect, that did it, thanks

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