Password not accepted

I have a node and a password set, but when setting up HamVOIP for the first time, my node password is never accepted. I have confirmed it is correct.
What may I be doing wrong please?

While I am not privy to the differences with hamvoip,
I am guessing you are referring to the OS password.

Many things can be at issue,

But lets just go over a couple that may be true.
You have a key that is not working. (test on a word processor or editor)
The caps lock or numbers lock is not on if using numeric keypad.
Or perhaps either of those were on at the time you set the password.

Try using the default from the setup.
If successful, you can then issue a
sudo passwd root (set root password)
Log in as root and make new changes to the user you want.

Good morning,
I am trying to add my node, but the node password is not accepted that is listed on allstart.

Go to your self service portal and verify the NODE password is equal to that contained in the registration line in iax.conf
and that the registration line is not commented out with a beginning ‘;’ semicolon.