Passing DTMF from one node to the output of another

I have two nodes, I’ll call them A & B. A is a normal node, controlling my repeater and doing everything it should for connecting to Allstar and Echolink. Node B is attached to a device I want to control. Node B never receives commands or DTMF (other than it gets permanently linked to Node A on bootup), but I want any DTMF that comes in on my repeater on Node A to go out of Node B to the device it is controlling.

I have set linktolink=yes and propagate_dtmf=yes on both nodes.

But no DTMF is coming out of Node B when I am on the repeater (node A) sending tones.

What am I missing?

Thx. 73, Adrian VE7NZ

To control another node the *4 command is what you need. First you must be connected to the remote node. Just do *4 and you will hear “By your command”. Now any commands you give will go to the remote node. Press # to return control to the local node.

There is also this feature to pass DTMF.

Thanks, but to clarify, I do not want to control the second node. I just want it to output whatever DTMF comes into the first node. The analogy would be Node A is a receiver in a repeater, Node B is the transmitter. They are permanently linked. I want the pair to act like a repeater where there is no DTMF muting. Anything “A” hears, will be sent out or regenerated and sent out of “B”.

Ok, now I understand.

If you are using RTCM’s you can connect the nodes together is what is called mix minus mode. That will pass all DTMF from one node to the other(s). This is ideal for connecting repeater controllers together, replacing 420 links.

With USB connections it’s more difficult. What you might try is writing macros to generate the dtmf using cop 48 on the second node. Then from macros on the first node, execute the second node’s macros.