Parrot Mode Record Connected Nodes and Playback Globally

Anyone know what or how to change parrot mode to record from a connected
node and play back globally, it works fine on the RF side of the node i connect to but I
want parrot running on the node i connect too, to record me, and when it plays back i want it to play globally.
I can connect several different ways to another node, I can turn on/off parrot and nothing
happens when i transmit into the connected node and the users on the other node hear me, if someone on the other node keys up I hear parrot playback just like they do. It looks to be the record switch is the repeater node that I am connected to only see’s the repeater receiver to activate parrot record/playback. If someone can tell me what file is used and where it is located I can play.


I can not speak to the temp file, if there is one, I had guessed it was done from memory.
I finally found a old script I used to do somewhat the same.
However, I can’t share the entire script as it would confuse you as it was part of a larger command interface I built.
Basically, using the dialplan and asterisk ‘echo’ application (module enable required), and I think silence detect is also needed. But you could set it to time.
You might want to do some reading on asterisk echo as I do not remember it all.

Here is the part that shows it and you will need to adapt to fit your needs as required.
Note this plays ‘some’ sound files I had recorded for the project and not part of allison’s voc.
Disect and use what you need by example only. You could make this more script than dialplan.
I had used this one on a dummy node that was fulltime echo-test and was initiated by connpgm


exten => 1,5,Playback(demo-echotest)
;plays information for the echo test that will start after this. The sound files are stored in /var/lib/asterisk/sounds/ by default

exten => 1,6,Echo()
;do the echo test

exten => 1,7,Playback(demo-echodone)
;plays information that the echo test is done

exten => 1,8,Playback(vm-goodbye)
;goodbye message is played

exten => 1,9,Wait(15)

exten => 1,10,Goto(echotest,1,1)

exten => 1,11,Hangup()
;Hangup() closes the line

If you make it work for your application, how about posting something better than mine above for others to follow.

Well I found that if you connect *340894 which is a test node, from any node, private or registered, I got a voice playback of my transmissions. Exactly what I was looking for, so anyone on any connected node, no matter how they connect, can issue the command and anyone on any connection will be played back.
I am finding out a whole bunch of neat things lately, Thank You to all that are making things happen.