Parrot Hub Node - Is it Possible?

Hello everyone,

I’d like to setup one of my nodes as a hub running Parrot full time. My initial testing revealed that Parrot will not work / parrot audio to another node connected into the hub that has Parrot enabled.

My question, is there a way to tweak my settings on the hub node to make it parrot audio to any other connected node?

I’m not interested in using the Parrot once method. I just want to be able to link up the hub node running Parrot, and have it parrot back my audio like it would by going RF direct to a simplex node with a connected radio. My guess is Parrot will not work across a networked node, but maybe someone has a fix for that…

Thanks & 73!

I’ve experienced the same issue, seems that setting a hub node in parrot=1, always parrot mode does nothing. Anybody knows if that can be solved? Are there alternate ways to achieve this? Being able to provide an audio testing node is quite useful.

Its my understanding that the parrot function works on your node that you are transmitting on if the function is enabled on your node. It will parrot on your node back to you but doesn’t transmit parroted audio to other connected nodes. So enabling parrot on a hub might be useless.


You can assign functions to turn on parrot mode on and off on your node.
Use the cop,21 function to turn on parrot mode and cop,22 to turn it off.

In your functions stanza you can define a codes like:

881=cop,21 ;Enable Parrot mode
880=cop,22 ;Disable Parrot mode

Then when you want to test your audio just send *881 to turn on the Parrot function.
And send *880 to turn it off.

As I said before it doesn’t send parroted audio out to connected nodes so its best to test parrot with you node not connected to anything.
Not sure if this is what you are looking for but this is how it works.