Over air DTMF not working

Having trouble getting DTMF commands made over the air to control asterisks.
So the following command works:
/# asterisk -rx “rpt fun 49XXX *4”
/# asterisk -rx “rpt fun 49XXX *11090”

That will disconnect 1090 from 49XXX but the command made over the air:


Gets decoded at the asterisks CLI but no action is taken by the system.

I must be missing something.


What are you trying to control, your local node? If so you don’t use *4. *3 is connect, *2 monitor and *1 disconnect, *4 is to control a remote node after you connect to it with *3.

Example to connect my node to node 2000 with over the air touch tones: *32000
Example with the Asterisk console *CLI> rpt fun 25330 *32000
Example from a script: asterisk -rx "rpt fun 25330 *32000"

You don’t need to use asterisk -rx "whatever" except for scripting. You can access the asterisk console with asterisk -r which will gives your a prompt *CLI> prompt. When done type quit or cntrl-c

Example to control a remote node getting it’s status:

*CLI> rpt fun 25330 *32000   ; connect to 2000
*CLI> rpt fun 25330 *42000   ; responds with 'by your commnad'
*CLI> rpt fun 25330 *70      ; tell remote to play status
*CLI> rpt fun 25330 #        ; exit control of node 2000
*CLI> rpt fun 25330 *12000   ; disconnect from 2000

Is that helpful?

So from over the air on a repeater assigned as node 1110 I want to control node 1090. All nodes are connected to hub node 49XXX. Shouldn’t I be able to do the following?


Seems that should give me remote control over node 1090 from node 1110?

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I’m not sure that would work because are not directly connected to 1090. If not, try it other way around:


Can you stack remote control commands like this?


I don’t think you can do two *4’s. Are you trying these commands or just asking for now because you don’t have RF access to your node at the moment?

I’m trying to actually get DTMF tones to a controller from one hilltop to another.

Do you hear the “by your command” voice recording when you do a *449XXX?

Just to clarify this: actual touch tones themselves are not sent to the remote hilltop. Instead out of band telemetry data is sent to the remote site.

So does that mean there is no way to get DTMF to a remote hilltop?

Try this: