Other users unable to connect to my node

As the topic says no user is able to connect to my node but I’m able to connect to other users nodes without any issues. I have all the necessary ports open but still no sucess

This is normal error if you are not properly port forwarding your iax port (listed in iax.conf) normally 4569 unless you have changed it.

To the outside world, you are one ‘PUBLIC’ address. The port number and your router tells the local ip of the device to route it to, if you set it up.

Otherwise it’s not going to your server where it can answer the request.

port 4569 >

Also note that your server should have a ‘static’ IP (not changing address/dhcp) unless your router has other methods t route by mac address etc.

QSL I did forget to mention this is going though a AREDN mesh network at my QTH. Would that be an issue ? If so how can I get them to noth jive?

You would need to consult someone who supports that network.

I can only tell you that if the inbound connect fails, the first reason is that it is not ‘routed’ properly and I can’t say how they route it.

If you can run asterisk in the foreground and say you see the inbound connection attempt, that is a different matter.
asterisk -rvvv

But you should first look at if your node is registered. For if it is not, the connecting stations will not have the required info for connection, nor your station with theirs for a proper security check before allowing.

If you have additional, state the node number in question.