Open Sourcing ASL Registration Code

I have decided to post the source of an important chunk of the work I have done on AllStarLink in the last year. Node registration and the resulting node directory are the lifeblood of AllStar network. In addition, we will be releasing a documented registration API for connection to the AllStar database. This release of the registration source and the up coming API will further the growth and longevity of AllStar.

I’m a bit of a bleeding heart for open source: I have worked and benefitted from open source since 1998. My first venture into free/open source was installing FreeBSD on a salvaged 486: I scrounged together some extra SIMM memory, a hard drive, a modem, and other critical parts from some nice folks who ran computer shops in my hometown, and friends I had made through IRC. With their help, I built my first computer and installed an open source operating system – FreeBSD. My fascination exploded from there; I owe my entire career to the hard working people in the OSS community. Who knows what my life would look like without it?

So feel free to comment, critique, pull request, reuse, remake any code posted – it only helps the community improve and grow. Unlike others before me, I’m happy to receive criticism and improve upon my code directly. Even though my code is a small piece in a big pie of Ham radio projects, please encourage others to keep things open source, and when they improve code of others, that they don’t close the source.

I encourage everyone to have the same attitude about their work and knowledge in all ham radio projects, so that the hobby can keep living on! Please don’t gatekeep / prevent others from having knowledge about the awesomeness of this hobby. Thanks!

All code contributed to ASL is either A-GPL3, GPL3, GPL2, or specially licensed. Please carefully read the license for each project and follow the terms of the respective licenses.



Thanks for the hard works!
That is the sperit I like about ham and open source!


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Thanks, Rob!

I appreciate all the work that has and is going into supporting AllStar.

73, Nate, N0NB

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