Only some DTMF tones coming through

I’m a new ASL user and cannot get my DTMF tones to work. Looking on the CLI screen, a few of the numbers to not pass. Tried two different radios.

Which do and which don’t? Might be some “twist” in audio response…
GeorgeC W2DB 2360 28599 490891

George may be correct or in my case the power supply on my ASL radio was dirty and affected the link from interpreting the dtmf tones. When I changed it and used my Astron RS35M they started working.

Very typically this is seen when:

1: de-emphasis is set wrong -OR-
2: receive level is wrong (“B” set on incorrectly or “2” level wrong)

Set these in SimpleUSB Tune Menu, then try DTMF watching the Allstar CLI screen