Novice Question

Am I understanding All-Star to be an internet connection to analogue repeaters world-wide I can monitor? So then I wouldn’t need an antenna anymore!

ASL as a software (aka app_rpt) is a method to turn a would be telephone system PBX of Asterisk into a radio repeater of many flavors as configured, for it rides on the open source ‘asterisk’ telephony PBX software.

ASL the network, is a method of networking the individual Radio PBX’s .

You can choose to keep all your activity completely private or register in the network to make any desired connection.

Your server is not limited to Radio extensions for nothing about the telephony part has been removed, so you can make whatever private branch exchange telephone you desire. Or not.

We just ‘hi-jack’ a telephone extension(s) and convert it to a PTT Radio system.
Your connections can be any other registered system in the same.

Hope that gives you some idea.
Ask more questions as needed.