Not able to connect to some nodes

Hi to All I have got a new node number and it is a 6 digit now.
Ever since I am not able to connect to some nodes that I was able to before.
Thanks Scott.

Looks like your 451140 is connected. Your 451141 is not registered. Did you remember to add it to iax.conf?

Yes I did the reason 451141 is not on is because I have not finished the node I have not got the parts that I need yet. I forgot to say that I am able to connect to most nodes but I have found 3 that I can not connect to. I was thinking that it was because the nodes I am trying to connect to have not updated in some time and do not allow 6 digit nodes.

Are those 3 nodes on line?

yes they are and other people can connect with them. I am sorry I forgot the node owners can not connect to my node. I also tried ASL and Hamvoip it says connection failed.

I think there was a HamVoIP update for 6 digit nodes a while back. Are you running HamVoIP?

I am running ASL now but discovered the thing when I was running Hamvoip. I had a feeling that might have been the case.

I too have troubles connecting and get a message ‘connection failed’. There is a hub in particular that I want to connect to yet cannot ever connect to it yet other hubs I can. Then there are nodes that are not hubs that I can connect to most of the time while a few others I can connect all the time. I have the old 5-digit node number: 45769. I am in an apartment using an open WIFI system and competing with the other dwellers which I think may be my main problem. I have also tried the same routine early in the morning when most people are asleep and hence less traffic on the system with the same results. I will be looking into getting my own internet service here and hopefully that will fix the problem. I would like to understand this problem better.

There was originally a issue with 6-digit node numbers in the HamVoIP release. That bug was fixed as of the V1.5.3-57 release on 07/13/2019. If you’re running very old code, just update using admin menu option #1.