[noob question] Stream from remote drops out

Just installed my allstar node and configured iaxrpt on both my phone and my PC. Was listening to a remote node but sometimes while the node is active the stream drops off. I will get the stream back when I click local monitor, but that will be followed later that remote is already in that mode.
Sometimes the stream comes on when the node becomes active to drop off again after a few seconds. Other times the stream drops at the end of a local message played.
In supermon I can see that the remote node is still active, but on iaxrpt nothing is heard. When the remote goes idle and becomes active again there is still no stream until I click local remote again.

Is this a config issue? Does the background color of my own node row mean anything (yellow, gray)?

John - K5GT

John, a lot of confusion to digest there.

The skinny answer is that I doubt your config is messed up. but even that depends on exactly what we’re talking about.
Likely network issues at you or the remote and anything in between. Assuming you have not run short of cpu tics or memory.
Bandwidth issues will not always automatically drop a connection, as long as it does reply to periodic checks.