Noise on radio handset with voice from URI

I have a private allstar node connected to motorolla Basestation through DMK URI. The basestation is connected to 2 walkie talkie handhelds. My Softphone Application talks to radio through *99 PTT and # unkey. The voice from application to radio comes with alot of back noise and sometimes eating up words during transmission, on the other hand voice from radio to application in quite clear. What could be the fix for it? any changes in parameters?

I’ve not worked with Softphone, much less understand the interface to AllStarLink. It is also not clear where the noise level is neing measured (as heard on the HT?). My guess is the TX gain loop is not properly set between Softphone and AllstarLink and/or AllstarLink and the radio input such that proper TX deviation is achieved.


So, I have to set two things?

  1. Tx gain loop between softphone and allstarlink
  2. between allstarlink and radio input
    Are these two separate things or same? I am using dmk uri with simpleusb channel.
    How to achieve proper TX deviation?

As @Bob_Pyke mentioned, you should not do anything until you identify the source of noise/interference.
You may be adjusting things that do not need it.
And perhaps it is nothing from the system but other inputs source being the issue.
Audio can come from other sources and be herd on the output at the same time.
No one transmission takes complete control of audio output, it is ‘mixed’ together…

Th only thing I advise is to set your audio levels of a usbradio or simpleusb correctly first because many of the inputs to the system have no adjustment and are geared to correct levels from that which is adjustable (allisons voice or system sounds are not adjustable).

But you need to identify the ‘source path’ of unwanted audio before you can fix it.

If you have additional, you might want to speak some more about ‘tone/tones’. Do you mean dtmf tones or pl tones or squealing ?

I am sorry, I am new to allstar. I have no idea what these tones are. But I listen a tone in between transmission as someone dialing different numbers. This tone lasts for few seconds like 4-5 sec. After the tone ends, the transmission resumes. I want to disable it.