Node tx once turned on

Trying to get project allstarlink to run. I built it using the new CM108 without the transistor. When the CM108 starts blinking the radio BF888 starts transmitting. I am registered, node is 56601. Supermon is running. I can login. If I go to asl-menu from putty and select simpleusb menu. I can toggle the radio. It will go from tx to rx to tx. Always ends up in tx. In tx it’s thing a noise. I’ve tried two CM108s and two BF888 radios. I get the same results. I’m using a pi 4b 2gig. This is all new to me. Watching 2e0bmt build it, it just worked… any help for this 74 yo I thank you. Scott

It sounds like you are missing a logic inversion. You mention “without the transistor,” which is a clue, as transistors provide logic inversion. It would be helpful to see a circuit schematic. You could also have an inversion in the AllstarLink config file.


In your simpleusb menu, do you have a “Toggle PTT Mode”? Try that selection. If it works then be sure to save the configuration before exiting.

I missed in the build that simpleUSB mod for the CM108 they are using allstar with Hamvoip. That has a bigger selection of things to do which one is invert PTT. The ASL build, simpleUSB dosen’t have that selection in the menu. So i decided to put the RPi2-3-4_V1.6-14_Allstar.img with Hamvoip on a sdcard. But when i boot the card on my pi4b i see the green led blinking away but i never see anything on the monitor. The ASL build it boots right up and i see things on the monitor. I guess this is to much for this 74 yo. Oh well scott

Progress tonight. I changed invertPTT = 1 from 0 in simpleusb.conf. now when i boot i hear my call in CW. In supermon 6.1+ i connect to 40894. I hear voice saying 40894 is connected to 56601. Any time the 888 that’s connected to the CM108 transmits there is a squeal. When the 888 transmits a red led goes on, must be tx led. When it receives a green led goes on. When i talk to parrot the green led is on, after nothing comes back. It’s like the 888 hears but the cm108 isn’t doing anything. The red led is blinking on the cm108.