Node reporting wrong IP Address to

I’ve been working on a node the several hours, have gone as far as doing a total rebuild with ASL Beta 2.0. In /var/lib/asterisk/rpt_extnodes 56930=radio@, is what shows. It’s reporting to just fine. This IP address is not correct though. The in the cli I get this, Registered IAX2 to ‘’, who sees us as with no messages waiting. The 44 IP address is the correct ip address and the one that should be showing in rpt_extnodes. Can anyone tell me why it’s showing a different ip address rather than the 44 ip address that is correct in the CLI?

I suspect the 44 IP is a sub IP of 135, which is a public IP. In Wisconsin. In other words, your ISP is not providing you with a public IP which is required by AllstarLink. In other words, AllstarLink can only see the public IP (135) in the address trail. It appears another layer of port forwarding would be required. The only way I know to possibly get around this is to use a VPN service that reports a public IP that is unique to you. It seems I saw a report online somewhere that StarLink users have found a way to solve this.


Looks like your not coming out via your 44-net VPN. What does this command return for an IP address.

wget -q --timeout=15 --tries=2 -O-

If not your 44-net VPN address, you may have a problem with the VPN client configuration. Is the VPN client running?

systemctl status openvpn@client.service


While I am not sure if this was resolved or not.
Perhaps come back and tell everyone who reads it later the fix you used.

You might need to hold back registration until the VPN has been initialized.
Or just get VPN initialized early on boot.
So that you are registering with the VPN IP and not your native IP which is what goes into the registration DB and the nodes list.
otherwise it might not let you connect to anything. or v/v

I never did get this resolved. I’m in TX, the node was in AK at the time I was working on it. I know it was seeing the 44 ip address because I was able to login to the node from TX and it was in AK. Wound up changing the node number and it worked just fine. Something with the Allstarlink servers was not changing the ip address to that particular node number. Still dumbfounded over it, but changing to a different node number took care of our problem and now the ham that owns the node has it and is happy.

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