Node Registration at the command line

Can someone tell me the command line command to register as per the iax.conf
register =>
My broadband seems to go down several times a week and when it comes back up, I have changed IP. I run a cron to set my IP with but I realaise that unless I reboot, my registration with AllStarlink remains on the old ip until I reboot my node.
So I’d like to run a register command under cron to update my nodes IP address. Do I just restart the asterisk server? if so what is the command? if not what is the register command?

You shouldn’t have to do anything as iax sends your IP in the registration packets. Where is it that you are not seeing your IP change?

When my router reboots and re-leases a new IP, the node registration is not triggered. I need to re-register (re-boot typically) to send the new IP.
So, I need a way of doing that on a time basis.


Are you taking about your local NAT IP ?
You should be using a static IP locally.
Unless you are port forwarding by MAC, it really would not work very well.

sorry I misunderstood… need to take my time reading.

You could try to restart networking in the local machine.

How long does it usually take for it to pick up the new IP?

Registration happens every 180 seconds, but due to propagation it should pick up roughly within 10 minutes.

Alan, is this resolved ?
If you are trying to automate the process, Let me state that a script could do the trick ( in theory )

Script should
read your wan ip on a regular basis, compare that with the last read
and if a change, restart your network and or your router.
Many routers do have a cli or change the firmware to one that does… ddwrt etc.
anyway, the best I can come up with.