Node registered, but others can't see it

I’m having some issues with one of my NNX nodes. Node 21992 runs ASL 2.0 beta. Everything works, except other nodes can’t see that it’s registered. When I look on the portal, 21992 shows as registered, and it appears in the ASL node list as well.

When I attempt an outbound connection to an AllStar node, I get “Node XXXXX Connection failed”, and looking in the log of the destination node shows: “[Oct 21 07:55:06] WARNING[31580] app_rpt.c: Reported node 21992 cannot be found!!”.

Only node I can connect to is 21990, which I have manually put into my [nodes] stanza, because I want 21990 and 21992 to use a more direct path via a ZeroTier VPN (which has LAN performance when on the same LAN).

I tried changing to from HTTP registration to legacy IAX registration, but this didn’t change anything.

Any ideas how to fix this so I can connect to other nodes?

I’ve had this happen to me before… usually a typo in one of the stanzas.


My guess would be that extensions got overlooked. But check out the Wiki (again) to see what may be misconfigured or overlooked.

The problem seems to have cleared itself. I think it had to do with initially the nodes being behind the same NAT router and using the same SIP port, but I’ve since got the new node its own public IP using a ZeroTier VPN, and it seems to be working properly. The VPN had actually been setup earlier, but technical issues at the server end prevented it from being fully enabled until later.

And for the record, I went for the VPN, instead of simply using a separate port for IAX, because the new node is intended to be portable and is likely to wind up behind a NAT router somewhere. The VPN can find its way out from behind NAT or use IPv6 to carry traffic.

On a friend’s network, with a similar situation, I setup his systems to use separate IAX ports as per normal practice, since the nodes will remain on the same LAN, but for various reasons, run on separate Pi boards.

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