Node number not arived to my email

Hi ,
I have registered up using my call sign ( G4YLJ ) it replies with
Callsign is in process or is registered.

I have received no email to confirm this or node number ect how long does this take please Regards Frank G4YLJ


You need to create a server and then request a node number for that server. Detailed node request instructions are on our WiKi.

The menus have changed slightly since we wrote that doc. The new menu looks like this:

Hi Tim,

I am sorry it is not a node I am after. I think it was just I was to register here for a piece kit I am going buy here in the uk. I have registered I think but have had no email to confirm this .
This is what I am going to buy.
Raspberry Pi based AllStar Link microHUB ­ assembled by G7RPG.
And it was this chap who told me to register .

Thanks Frank G4YLJ.