Node number changed

Can anyone tell me the how and why of this? Without my knowledge my node number had a zero added to it and I have been given another node number. This led this 82 year old spending 8 hours reprogramming Pi, SHARI, node remote, DV switch and for Echolink. Has anyone else suffered this?
If this was done in error I do not want my old node number back and having to go through all that again.

It looks like NNX (Node Number eXtension) has been enabled for your node number. This is a feature which allows you to convert your 4 or 5 digit node number into 10 5 or 6 digit node numbers, to allow you to have multiple AllStar nodes, without having to request a new node number. This works by adding a 0 to your existing node number, then new node numbers end in 1, 2, etc, as you add them. I used this feature to turn my 2199 node number into 21990 and add 21991-21996 as additional nodes.

Normally, NNX is enabled by the node owner through the Allstarlink portal on the web (I am not aware of any other ways to enable it). Did you log into and play around, by any chance recently?

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Thanks Tony. I have been into the link recently but do not remember changing anything. Alls well…now explained. I now have two node numbers.

Yes, all is good. As long as you don’t disable NNX, you’ll be able to keep your new node numbers, and everything will stay as it is. You now have another number that you can use for something else (there’s a heap of ways to use it!).

Actually I didn’t go into the link until my allstar stopped working because of the change in node number. I have changed my password .