Node not reporting statistics or is offline

All of the sudden my node 58021 is not reporting statistics. Any guidance?

A couple of questions.
Which software are you using?
Did you just switch to using NNX?

I see it is currently online.

ASL 1.01 on a linux machine using Debian 9.
It shows online and people connect but wont show stats.
I am not using NNX.


Check your rpt.conf file for error
compare to the following line

; *** Status Reporting ***

; Comment the following statpost line stop to reporting of the status of your node to
statpost_url = ; Status updates

However I think there may be a new method for stats that I am not aware of directly.
This works for me. Perhaps a good fat finger at work?

I will double check it. Everything worked before, it just stopped reporting stats.

I will let you know.

Doesn’t appear to be a fat finger.

Who is your network provider for this server ?

Is the server in the cloud / remote host.

Curious if you fixed this and what you found.
Still an issue ?

Sorry for the delay in responding. The problem ended up being the UFW. No clue as to why it kept shutting off the ports but it continued to do it. Kept “rebuilding” the ufw and it would work and quit. Nothing in any log indicated what the issue is or was. It became way too aggravating to continue. We pulled the box and will rebuild it.

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