Node not registering, pings OK

I have completed the installation and configuration of my node on my computer. The computer is running Proxmox and a virtual machine has been created. The node seems to be configured correctly, but I do not see it as being registered. I am able to successfully ping the DNS server and the registry server. What should I do now? What are my next troubleshooting steps?


What is the node number in question ?

Ensure that your register line in /etc/asterisk/iax.conf has the correct node and the password matches the node password that is set in the portal. Other than that, you can open a ticket with the helpdesk (email and I can assist you there.

Jim, K6JWN

You’re not the only one… My nodes which have been online for some time suddenly unregistered and I cannot get them to reregister… And trying to get help is like pulling teeth out of a boar jog… It’s just not that easy. Unless you happen to be a Linux expert, trying to find decent support is sometimes next to impossible and if somebody does pop up they expect you to know it all already which negates the reason why you would be asking a question in the first place doesn’t it?

Chris WB5ITT

@WB5ITT I have not seen a post here looking for help.

95% of issues I see are either user config error or router/network issues.

Nodes do not UNREGISTER, they require constant communication to stay registered.
So that is the first place to start.

What are the node numbers in question ?
What version of the software are you using ?