NODE not Register

Good morning all. I don’t understand why my node 543470 is not registered yet? I can’t find or make the change for it to be validated

Did you use the node-setup script or asl-menu or edit your .conf files yet?

Our Beginner Guide covers this procedure.

Yes from asl-menu with beta

Did you change you setup after converting to NNX? You would need to change every occurrence of 54347 to 543470.

Your register statement is iax.conf should look like below. You only need one (the first) line if just registering one node. I did both here just to show they work ok.


Tested registration on my node looks good…

iax2 show registry
Host                  dnsmgr  Username    Perceived             Refresh  State   Y       543471       179  Registered   Y       543470       179  Registered

Ok I just made a manipulation on the site. On the other hand, when is the node visible on the map?

I see you were registered :confetti_ball:

There are a few maps out there. Which one are you looking at?

my nodes are again disconnected on the network. For the map I looked at the europe side since I am in France

Then those registrations were the test ones I did, not yours. You need look carefully at your iax.conf. Also be sure you have good internet connection with ping from the Linux CLI.

EDIT: Actually one of the registration servers does’t ping. @KK9ROB will fit that. In the meantime just ping to test your internet connection.

Your node won’t show on the maps until your node is registered and you must be sure the statpost_url line is uncommented.

; *** Status Reporting ***

; Comment the following statpost line stop to reporting of the status of your node to
statpost_url = ; Status updates

ok i see that thank’s

The problem is solved with beta 6. Beta 4 does not respond on my raspi.

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