Node having connect issues, "chan_iax2.c... Auto-congesting call" error

I built a node running the latest ASL compiled from source, that was working great on my LAN and ISP with both ethernet or wifi. I shipped it to Glenn AA4UC in FL and he is seeing IAX connect issues. Everything looks fine as far as pings, ports being open, configs all appear correct, “rpt lookup” works fine, node shows as registered in the ASL stats, but he cannot make connections and gets “chan_iax2.c:4099 __auto_congest: Auto-congesting call” errors. He is however able to connect to this node (552371) OK from another node on his LAN (552370). I’m out of ideas as to what the issue could be. His other node is on IAX port 4570 and works fine through his ISP. This node is on the default IAX port 4569. He has tried both wifi and ethernet connections, no difference. He has confirmed the ports are forwarded in his router. Glenn asked me to post here for him and he will then reply with any logs, debugging steps, etc. that anyone can suggest. Thanks in advance for any suggestions anyone can offer on how to narrow down the cause of this issue.

The node I’m having problems with is 552371 the other node described above is 552370 which works fine.

I connected inbound to 552371 with no issues.

Before you adjust anything, make sure your node list is up to date.

systemctl restart updatenodelist

The file shows

But I would assume the right port is forwarded to the right machine since I got a connected unless you have duplicate definitions in the systems. And the ports are defined correctly in the self-service portal.

So you might say something as to what you were trying to connect to. Perhaps the system was busy ?

I’m going to close this. Talking to a local guru he figured out that when I do a rpt lookup to the node I wanted to connect to the AllStar libraries of the remote node was out of date. He gave me a new node number to try and it worked. Working now.

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