Node details not showing but all the info’s there in astdb.txt

Hi Folks,

I recently registered a new node number and then manually ran astdb.php on my second node when my new node’s details didn’t show up after a couple of days. The astdb.txt file in /var/log/asterisk was duly updated and I was then seeing all details on my second node.

I also have a third node (this time in the cloud) which also needs astdb.txt updating, but when I ran astdb.php it downloaded the txt file to the /user/local/sbin directory, next to the php file. Allstar wasn’t able to see it there (it was still showing just my new node’s number, not full details) so I moved astdb.txt to the /var/log/asterisk folder, as per my second node. Asterisk still shows only the new node’s number, not the extended details which I’ve confirmed in the txt file.

Does anyone know where I should put the txt file, and what the permissions need to be in order for asterisk to see it? I’m stumped …

1st, you are speaking about Allmon. Asterisk will never see it. Does not even try.
Yes, Allmon gets that from the registration system that ASL also uses for connection and security.

The details of a node I believe come from your input in the Allstarlink web portal.
Each has it’s own.
Did you enter them there?
Do they show up if you look-up your node in the list of registered nodes at the portal ?
you can also look for yourself here - as that is the file in question.

But don’t be making changes at least until you look at the above.

If you have additional, please state the NODE NUMBER in question.

Full details (as per portal) are being pulled down in astdb.txt but I don’t see them being displayed by the node. Number is 561485.

Clear your browser cahe. If you know how, you can just clear the site for allmon address.
Or try a different browser if you have one installed.

Thank you for your continued support, but I don’t understand what my browser cache has to do with two different nodes downloading astdb.txt to two different locations, and one of them not doing anything with that file. Can’t find any info about this file - is it documented somewhere?

When you say ‘NODE’ you actually mean ‘ALLMON’ ?

My assumption was that the data is in the asldb, but not displaying in your browser in ‘ALLMON’.
So, we have a path to work in between.
Before I spend any time breaking that down, I wanted to be sure your browser is not displaying old cached data.

Presently, I am not seeing the node 561485 as registered. So I am not able to run a few checks from here.

Is it on ‘and registered’ ? or is intended as a Private node ?

Unregistered nodes will not show from the astdb file as they are considered ‘PRIVATE’.
and there is a privatenodes.txt file to make those shown.

or perhaps you have a NNX issue ?

One step at a time, did you clear your browser cache and any change ?

Answered my own question with a bit more digging.

The astdb.txt file is consumed by server.php which expects to find it in /var/www/html/mobile. The file was there and the extended information for node 561485 was in it, but Allmon [1] was only showing the node number. I fixed this by simply restarting the asterisk service. Which is weird, because server.php seems to be called every few seconds and there are no apparent caching mechanisms which would prevent date being taken directly from astdb.txt and sent back to the client. Most unusual.

user@host:/var/www/html/allmon2$ grep -i 56148 astdb.txt
561480|GD5MUP|[RPG]|Douglas, Isle of Man
561481|GD5MUP|[VOV]|Douglas, Isle of Man
561482|GD5MUP|[DVSM cloud]|Douglas, Isle of Man
561483|GD5MUP|[MacBook Pro]|Douglas, Isle of Man
561484|GD5MUP|[ASL app]|Douglas, Isle of Man
561485|MB7IOM|144.96250|Douglas, Isle of Man

And the response from server.php:

event: nodes
data: {
		"561482": {
			"info":"GD5MUP [DVSM cloud] Douglas, Isle of Man",
				"info":"M0HOY HUBNet Manchester, UK",
				"elapsed":" ",
				"info":"GD5MUP [RPG] Douglas, Isle of Man",
				"elapsed":" ",
				"info":" ",
				"elapsed":" ",

My sincere thanks for your assistance Mike, please forgive the wild goose chase.


[1] Well, not Allmon, but a mobile-optimised UI of my own creation. :man_facepalming:

It would have been helpful to know all that in advance. Why withhold it.

astdb.txt is just a flat file.

Your node is showing as registered now as it did not the last 24hrs.

Good Luck