Node coming up Private

Folks if I had hair, I would have pulled it out by now, lol. I manage 10 repeater nodes in a repeater group. About 3 weeks ago I had to burn a new SD card for one node with the latest HamVoip image. Since the burn and setting up node 593781, if I reboot the RPi the node will come back up as Private “node not in database”. Within 12-24 hours it will change status to normal operation with “Node 593781” on the supermon2 dashboard. I have double checked every .conf file I can find and don’t see a reason for this delay. Both statpost lines in rpt.conf are uncommented, Password is good. The command shows “Registered”. Any help or suggestions are appreciated. This one has me stumped.
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I’m having this exact same issue. iax2 show registry says that I’m registered, but the portal shows that I am not. Other nodes do not populate my node in their rpt_extnodes file.

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Unfortunately, even though app.rpt is open source and Hamvoip has promised to release the code, they still haven’t. Unfortunately, since we don’t know what is in the Hamvoip code, it makes it difficult for us to help you. Have you considered using the office Allstarlink Pi version?

This is happening to me on the ASL Beta 2.0.0-beta.6.

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@Todd-KM6RPT this issue might have some meat to it. Two more nodes of mine (484571, 484572) just started showing as unregistered in the portal, despite being “iax2 show registry” registered.

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Possibly related. Some Allstar apps seem to be failing intermittently for Allstar node IP address directory updates / lookups, causing very old incorrect IP addresses for some nodes to be used on connection attempts. Which of course fail to connect. Attempts to clear app cache or force node directory update do not always succeed in a current node IP address directory.

Using the DNS lookup method, seems to have a similar issue.

Host not found: 3(NXDOMAIN)

host has address
Host not found: 3(NXDOMAIN)
Host not found: 2(SERVFAIL)

Both 516220 and 516221 are on the same host and IP address running on the same Allstar instance.

cat /tmp/rpt_extnodes | grep 51622

I see similar DNS results with some other node numbers.

Might there be an issue with the Allstar directory servers?

David McAnally