Node #539930 "BANNEDCONNECT" to nodes


Tonight I discovered my node was banned from connecting to nodes #51018 and #47970 and I’ve confirmed my node is not on a banned list at either repeater.

Those with access to the logs at those nodes tell me that they see a good connection and then a hangup on my node’s end.

As far as I can tell from the portal everything is OK with my node and server.

Is my #539930 node banned for some reason? If my error, how may I fix it?

73 de K3FZT / Steve

There are a few thing that could give that appearance, and likely you are not banned.
The strongest one is if you carry a connected ‘private node’ whos node number is the same as the node number connected to your intended conectee.

If this is the case, renumber your private node to something arbitrary (out of the blue) like 1066
Or, if you are using NNX, use one of the exansion nodes unregistered for it, so it will be private and unique.

There is a loopback protection that creates these results and the check does not differentiate between public(registered) and private(unregistered) nodes.

I think I recall that you said you fixed it in the ticket you opened, but I can’t remember. If not, I believe the BANNEDCONNECT error is generated from the Permit/Deny list in the ClearNode. Best to check your settings there.

Jim, K6JWN

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