No ip Address Number Given at Startup

New install, and new to ASL. At start up I get the voice announcement without the ip numbers being spoken. What do I need to check? What do I need to change?

Jim, K8COP

What software are you using ? ASL 2.0beta6, hamvoip, shari, something else

With ASL, there is no expectation of an announcement of IP address, unless you deliberately scripted one in your startup.


I was watching a guy set up his node and he was getting his ip address announced. The voice states “ip” but no numbers are announced, and then cw id.

Using Hamvoip.


I would say see hamvoip documentation.

In asl, you have a function that is part of the dialplan, and if you want it to play, IP info you just enter the command and if you want it to to that on startup, you would put that command in startupmacro.

In HamVOIP to control the IP announcement it is located in the /usr/local/etc directory in the filename allstar.env file. the entry looks like this:

defines saying of local IP address at boot (enabled or disabled)


export SAY_IP_AT_BOOT=“disabled”

this is only on HAMVOIP software. you probably watched Ham radio Crusader on Youtube KD5FMU.
I am Brad N8PC the one he talks about.


Thank you. And, yes I have been watching his videos. New to Linux, but I’m learning.

Jim, K8COP

your welcome. Please feel free to reach out to me about Hamvoip.

Brad N8PC