No audio from Pi to Radio on Transmit

I’m having a issue,
I have an Alinco DR 435 UHF radio with the Repeater-Buildier RIM Lite. Everything on the Pi and the Radio is programmed correctly , the levels are fine, the DTMF tones seem to be decoding and showing up . The problem is when the radio hears the DTMF tones , the Pi is not responding to ALS . I get no tones if I put it Test using simple USB to test . DTMF tones are not being recognized somewhere,as I said I see it when I select the Asterix mode.
The Pi is periodically holding up the transmitter for a time which tells me it’s transmitting my node ID and Callsign…. But there is no audio out the radio I’m listening too. No command ack is being heard.
Question is , is there a command line that has to be added to the Psudeo or something turned off or on in the Simple USB settings……
I’m frustrated…
The Node is working and I see ho many times its keyed up etc,so it is connected,I can’t connect to anyone, or hear the command audio from the Pic on the radio transmit…

Any suggestions?…


Possibly you have the wrong transmit channel connected to the radio than what you have configured. Try reversing (or duplicating) the level setting for txmixa and txmixb.

Kevin W3KKC

If you still have issue past resolutions presented,
Tell us how you are configured.

Is this a simplex or repeater node or even remote base node ?
What is the duplex mode config in rpt.conf ?
And perhaps post your simpleusb.conf

Yeah. Figures oyt what the issue it was… they sent me a Interface board for a Packet device…Not Allstar… so i shipped it back and hes sending me the correct one… i think everything will function ok after i get it back…

Thank you for your help.