No audio being passed in one direction

I have two nodes online. I can pass traffic to one node no problem but can’t pass it back. The details…

Node 1 is a Motorola CDM1250 with a URI and a Pi3
Node 2 is a Motorola XPR4550 with a URI and a Pi3

I can pass audio perfectly from node 2 to node 1. However, no audio is passed from node 1 to node 2. I saw a post about the preferred simplex settings in simpleusb.conf but having trouble finding that when I edit that file. Which end would it be on? Any help will be much appreciated!!!

Well, the first thing you need to do is verify audio exists on the output of the radio to be the uri on both nodes. Input of one and output of the other.

I am assuming these are in different servers (Pi computers)

But you need to verify the analog part before looking at anything in settings or you are wasteing your time.

So it could be a bad uri/plug/wire.
A quick check would be to plug the uri into each other server, even though the levels may not be correct, it is only a test. Be sure to check lsusb again to be sure the port numbers did not change on the usb as seen by the OS.

Well… problem solved. First let me thank you for the reply. It did give me a direction to go! Yes, both are Pi computers on different servers. As I went through both Pi computers I could do a transmit audio test and receive audio test. Both were perfect. Both had transmit and receive in the Simple USB. Puzzling, right? I took your advice that I try a different URI. A friend gave me his that we knew was in working order. A simple “plug and play” without changing any radio or Pi settings… worked perfect! I have a bad URI. Something burned it. Voltage spike? Maybe. I will order another and everything will be good again!

Again, Thank you, Mike! Thank you for sending my brain in a different direction and making everything better!

Thanks for the follow-up on your find. It will help others.