NNX Node Question

I read that the NNX node is an extension of an existing a server. If the server/node is down, can the NNX node still function.

Case in point… I have a server/node at the repeater site, and I have a mobile/portable node. I am in the process of adding a radioless node. If I tie it to the server at the site and the internet or power fails, will the radioless node still be able to function and connect to other nodes?


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Yes, the new node keeps running if the first is not. NNX configuration is no different than any other node. NNX is really nothing more than a set of instructions to add a zero to your first node and then adding a 1 thru 9 to your subsequent nodes, for up to ten nodes from one. Magic!

That makes sense?

Thanks Tim… Perfect… Is there an easy way to change the node number in all the files that are required (script)

By the way, Just another thanks for your really quick reply’s… Much appreciated!!!


It’s pretty easy when you know how and pretty difficult if you don’t.

Has anybody out there written a script to implement NNX on a node?


One more question, When setting up the second node, does the IAX port need to be the same as the one in the server settings (4569)? What if you are behind the same router? Could the second node be set to 4567?



NNX nodes are no different than other nodes. The same rules apply for determining the port: a second server behind a NAT router needs a separate port.

Hi Guys
I have just spent an entire day trying to make sense of this as it screwed my node.
In the end the only way I could get things going again was to delete the NNX number and return it back to the original node number and everything burst back into life.
I have to also reinstate the original node number back into my node making sure everything when back as usual, still missing the database but suspect this will return in time.

I have stopped trying and going to get a new node number with a borrowed callsign as I couldnt find any help files at all on this topic.
Prehaps someone out there might be so kind as to post a how to for this as it has been a day of extreme frustration.
cheers Tubby

Hi Tubby,

I just went through the process of changing one node and adding another. Yes, it was painful trying to figure out why the node didn’t work… But ya know, they say what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger… I’m very new to Allstar, so this whole thing has been a learning process… But in the end, I learned a lot. What I found is the node number is seeded through a number of files. I had to change the node number in rpt.conf, extensions.conf, iax.conf and allmon. With the ease of installing a new node from scratch, It may be easier just to do that. The only issue I have now it that I can’t seem to be able to receive calls on the second node. I think that may have to do with the port number I chose for iax.

Cheers and Beers… (maybe more Beers than Cheers)


Greetings ?

Before we start I have been playing with Linux for over 10 years and am very linux challenged and have little to no understanding of how it works let alone fix it if it breaks, my work around to rebuild from scratch as Im very much paint by numbers guy. Im a radio tech not a computer guy Windows is about my limit.

I have now posted on 3 different forums and have now been told by 3 people how easy it is without any actual help. From my end this is very frustrating.

This is what happens
I go into the allstar sight and enable NNX, the moment I do this I loose my node number, so my portable node becomes useless.

Next I change the primary node number in the Pi .
Then go back in and try and connect the node to another node that i would normally connect to,…nothing no super mon and unable to login.

So I edited the almon.ini file and attempt to reconnect, this time i can see the node number change but still useless and unable to do anything to control the node.
I cannot see that it is connected to the server in all star although it is highlighted in green does not give me any indications if it is connected or working.

After many hours for the second time and I gave up in disgust, and returned the node back to the way it was originally and went into the allstar link system delete the NNX number and get back the original number and bingo my node burst back into life and all is well.

Doug said there is a how to in the web site but but I have trolled through the how to’s for this for over an hour and can find no reference to NNX.

Someone else said just do a search and this will pick up my node numbers? how??

So the only way I can see to get around this is to use a borrowed callsign and go in and set up another account and I think this might be the best work around under the circumstances.

If you think you you might be able to explain how to get NNX installed I would greatly appreciate it but at the same time I dont want to waste your time either, as I can create a new account to get around this.
Kind regards Kerry

I really wish there is a step by step for what needs to be done on the node side. I can help you but I’ll need access to your node. Would you like to talk on the phone or radio?

Edit: I added instructions to the WiKi. The last part shows the edits required to your node.


For the NNX number upgrade you can run items 1 and 2 on the ASL menu and update the the node number information and registration password.

Or manually update the following files in this directory /etc/asterisk/.

simpleusb.conf (whatever channel driver you are using)

You will need to change the node number from XXXXX to XXXXXY in these
four files.

You may also have the edit the registration statements and passwords as well.

Restart asterisk.

You can use a search and replace to find and update the node number.


Marshall - ke6pcv

Hi Tim
greatly appreciate your reply but after two attempts and now a friend down south also tried and got the exact same result as me there is something seriously wrong with NNX and I will not be proceeding any further.
As stated in a previous email it easier to borrow another call sign and go and create a new account and this is what I will do on my next day off.
Forgive me if I sound a little pissed but I lost my weekend to something that should be a no brainer and it has been duplicated with the same problem with my friends node so I know it not what Im doing but rather there is a bigger problem in the system maybe?? Im no expert, however I do very much appreciate your efforts.
kind regards Kerry

There’s no need to bootleg a callsign. We’ll give you another node. Just put in the comments you can’t make NNX work and you get another node.

My offer still stands to help. I’ll send you a follow up PM.